Indiana Michigan Power Economic Development

We’ve Got Indiana & Michigan Covered!

Businesses love us – especially when they’re out of state and looking to relocate. Why? Because, as an electrical utility company, we interact with hundreds of communities all across northeast Indiana and southwestern Michigan.

The Only Qualified Data Center Site in Indiana” Image: Qualified Data Center Sites in IndianaWe’ve built relationships with scores of local economic development organizations, too. That means our own economic development professionals have access to all kinds of data on the best available sites and buildings throughout our territory. They know also where you’ll find the best tax rates and other incentives for your business. And best of all? We’ve put it all together for you! We’ve done the “legwork,” we’ve gathered the resources, and we can compile the data just as you need it, zeroing in on the specific locations you want to explore.

Learn more. Contact I&M ED. We have what it takes to be your one-stop Indiana and Michigan economic development resource!

Indiana Michigan Power rates are among the lowest in the nation!
Indiana Industrial Rates
  • 15% less than the state average; 16% less than the national average
Michigan Industrial Rates
  • 8% less than the state average
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